Restaurant Fundraiser Ideas

Percentage of Sales Fundraisers!

These types of fundraisers allow your chapter to raise money while also creating a fun event for members and families alike. Percentage of sales fundraisers are when chapters encourage their members to shop or eat at a business and that business gives back some of the money they made to you!


Here is a list of places that participate in Percentage of Sales fundraisers


Local businesses are often excited to host fundraisers for DECA chapters.
Below is a sample email you can use to contact these businesses. 

Hi (Business/Person you’re emailing),

My name is ___, and I'm reaching out on behalf of _(your chapter)__ High School DECA with an opportunity that could be mutually beneficial for your business and our school's DECA chapter. You might be curious about what DECA is— it's a nationwide organization that empowers students with an interest in business to develop and showcase their skills competitively. Our DECA organization prepares high school students to compete at regional, state, and even international levels. One obstacle we face, however, is the financial cost of attending these competitions. Would you be interested in learning more or partnering with us for a community fundraising event to help our members afford participating in DECA?


The initiative would kick off with us directing our ___(membership number)___ student members and their families and friends to dine at your establishment during a time/date that works for your business. This could substantially boost your foot traffic and potentially introduce you to new clientele. In return, we suggest a contribution of (10-20%) of the revenue generated from our members' visits. We can provide a key codeword for participants to say at checkout, to ensure sales are matched to our organization.

If you have any questions about this potential partnership, please let me know! We at ___high school___ DECA appreciate your consideration.




__(First and last name)_______

(your role in your DECA chapter)