Western Region Leadership Conference

The Western Region Leadership Conference (WRLC) serves as a transformative experience for nearly 3,000 DECA members, empowering them to cultivate their leadership abilities, competition skills, educational goals, and career aspirations.

This three-day conference provides a dynamic platform for DECA members and advisors to engage in a variety of workshops focused on marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, professional development, and other business-related topics.

The conference also hosts a vibrant marketing fair with over 50 vendors, creating opportunities for networking and discovering innovative products and services.

The DECA Western Region Leadership Conference (WRLC) is an event designed for DECA members across our country’s 12 Western states to explore, build, learn and compete.

State Career Development Conference

With over 5,000 attendees, Washington DECA’s State Career Development Conference is one of the largest, most exciting, and most rewarding experiences in all of DECA. Washington DECA SCDC is one of the largest educational gatherings of students in Washington outside of athletics.

International Career Development Conference

Each spring more than 22,000 teachers and students gather in a major American city like Anaheim, Atlanta, Nashville, and Orlando to compete against the world’s best DECA competitors. From China to Canada to Guam… it’s the grand prix and final stop in DECA competition and the enthusiasm, energy, and expectations couldn’t be higher.

Ignite the Future Evening Benefit

Washington DECA’s signature event, Ignite the Future, is a vibrant catalyst for igniting opportunities, dreams, and pathways for high school students to achieve unprecedented heights in their educational and career endeavors. 

In a world where access opens boundless possibilities, Washington DECA stands committed to proactively crafting business and leadership opportunities for high school students, laying the foundation for their success in school, careers, and life. Washington DECA is on a mission to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management through a combination of classroom education, competitive events, and community projects.

Pro Sports Career Day

Washington DECA partners exclusively with sports teams for the Pro Sports Career Days. Business professionals from each team lead the events and share their personal experiences of breaking into the industry as well as career opportunities in sports. Following the educational portion of the event, attendees get to watch the game and support their team.