Covid-19 has created an opportunity to build a culture of appreciation in schools to help students develop a positive mental mindset.


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To engage and inspire students by applying the language of virtues to build a culture of appreciation, connection and self-care.

What is #SharetheLOVEDECA?

an initiative is created…

Get the DECA Cards!

Download the Virtues Cards app and free Sample Deck.

Create a free account and log in.

Go to ‘SHOP’ on the Home Screen.

Select ‘DECA Cards’ to get full deck.

Enjoy and make a difference in your life and others!

DECA students photographed all images, selected quotes and modified the original text from the Virtues Project ‘Reflection Cards’.


It’s as simple as sharing a DECA Card by email, text or on social media and adding a personalized acknowledgement for the good you see. The goal of #SharetheLOVEDECA is to elevate appreciation and positive acknowledgements to support student mental well-being.

  • Download the Virtues Cards app from App Store or GooglePlay and log in.
  • Select from ‘SHOP’ on the Home screen and install DECA Cards.
  • Set a daily reminder to read and reflect on the meaning of the card.
  • Naming and noticing virtue being practiced – such as joyfulness, courage, and resilience can be a lens to better understand yourself and others.
  • Share the positive qualities you see in others or yourself to encourage and inspire (example – I appreciate your determination finishing the project with all you have going on)
  • Replace shaming and blaming with naming the virtues that would be helpful to apply in challenging situations.

virtues in action

Our launch was kicked off with Virtues Matter and Washington DECA students joining Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on a Zoom call for a ‘Virtues Pick’, the reading and discussion of a virtue from the DECA Cards, a new addition to the Virtues Cards app. The team selected ‘Resilience’ and shared how it resonated with them during the time of COVID.

“We know students have faced challenges this past year unlike anything they’ve experienced before and have shown tremendous resilience. Student organizations like DECA inspire students to be better connected with their school community, and Washington DECA and Virtues Matter continues to provide essential work around student mental health and well-being.”

– Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan


In celebration of Washington DECA’s 75th anniversary, our goal is to reach 75,000 DECA Cards downloads by midnight, December 31, 2021!

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