If at any time you have questions before or during the election process, please email our State Officer Coach, Nicole Cowan, at

At Washington DECA, we love to see members who want to take their DECA experience and service to “the next level,” and running for Area President is one of the best ways to do just that. Should you be elected, you will find yourself making new, life-long friends; meeting countless DECA members near and far; taking on new challenges; and growing – not only your skills and your experience, but also your network. Truly, it will be an experience that will change your life.

To get started, download the candidate guide. This candidate guide includes the information you need to proceed with your application and campaign. It’s never too early to start preparing!

New this year: Only one candidate from a chapter may run for the Area President position. It is required that each chapter select their best candidate to run for Area President.


Please contact:
Nicole Cowan, State Officer Coach

This form is intended to capture a picture of likely candidates for Washington DECA state office. This form should reflect a serious intent to run for office, but it does not:

  • Obligate the member to run for office
  • Ensure the acceptance of a potential candidate (qualified candidates will be notified after receipt and review of their application)

Completing the Intent to Apply form will ensure that you:

  • Are included on the list of applicants to be scheduled for a test and interview
  • Obtain any necessary updates regarding the application.
  • Receive all communications and updates regarding the candidacy process from the State Officer Leadership Coach.

Please gather all of your application data before you begin entering your information into the online application form.

Area 6 & Area 11 Area President Applications: Due November 14, 2022 @ 5:00 p.m.

All Other Area President Applications: Due November 30, 2022 @ 5:00 p.m.

The Candidate Exam has 50 objective questions (multiple choice, true/false, matching) covering general DECA knowledge, the Code of Conduct, and the Washington DECA organization. To prepare for the exam, download the Candidate Exam Study Guide. You are responsible for securing your own proctor to administer your online test and providing their information in your candidate application. Information regarding access to the test will be sent to your local chapter advisor and your proctor should coordinate with your advisor to obtain this information.

Failure to complete the test may result in immediate disqualification.

The test makes up 25% of an area president candidate’s overall score. The test is 50 questions long and is worth one point each. Test scores will be divided by 2 in order to be properly weighted at 25% of the candidate’s total score. For example, a test score of 40/50 will be recorded on the cover sheet as 20/25. Odd numbers divided by 2 are to be recorded to the tenth’s place (e.g. 20.5)

No notes may be used during the exam.

Candidates will participate in a virtual interview before their Area Conference. The interview representatives may consist of the Area Leader, current or past State Officers, Chapter Advisors, board members, and/or business and community leaders. After submitting your application, you will receive the following information by email:

  • Access to the online interview virtual link and instructions on how to set up your computer for a virtual interview
  • A scheduled time to test out your computer/camera/sound before the actual interview

The interview makes up 25% of the overall score for an area president candidate. The interviews are judged based on the application rubrics provided in the Candidate Guide. Interviewers are encouraged to concentrate on their poise, conduct, sincerity, and overall impression at the interview.

NOTE: The Candidate Interview dates have changed. Please refer to page 15 in the guide for the updated dates!

Candidates for Area President will present a speech at their area conference. The speech does not directly apply to the Area President candidate’s overall score, but it may influence the delegate vote, which does impact the candidate’s overall score.

Voting Procedures

Delegates will submit their votes for Area President at the Area Conference. Once completed ballots are collected, ballots and votes will be counted and tabulated. Voting delegates are based on the area allocation for each school as determined by Washington DECA. Voting delegates per chapter will be released after November 15, 2022.

The delegate vote makes up 25% of an area president candidate’s overall score. Where only a single candidate is running for election, that candidate must still achieve 75% of the vote from the area ballots.